Meet The Mom Behind The Brand

Hey, Come take a step into my world, where my passion meets with purpose. I'm Keisha, the heart and soul behind AGP also known as "Amazing Girl Periodt". I'm 30 something years old. "Wink wink" but I look 20! Lol Also married with three kids.

This venture that I have embarked on is a reflection of my commitment to empower the next generation of girls alone side my daughter! Building our business together isn't just about success, but about creating lasting bonds, open communication, and unforgettable memories. It's about quality time, growth, and endless possibilities!

I want to instill confidence in teen girls, showing them that their ideas and efforts matter, and that they can make a meaningful impact because they understand themselves.


We Love What We Do

At AGP, we don't just sell products; we pour love into every purse and period kit that we offer. We are fueled by a genuine passion for empowering young girls. We believe in the transformative power of confidence, and it's our joy to contribute to that journey. From crafting adorable purses to curating thoughtful first-time period kits, we love what we do because it's more than a business. It's a mission to inspire and uplift.